Sunday, April 26, 2015
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Have you ever had to turn a family away because they had little to no life insurance and limited access to cash and credit?

Maybe you chose to serve those families with the promise they’d pay the balance in time. I wish we could trust that system today. We’ve found that many of our clients are facing problems when it comes to receiving payment for their services. As a leading provider of insurance advancement funding services, I am writing to introduce a product that will eliminate the need for you to turn families away or become their bank. Funeral Professionals can no longer be responsible for accepting an “I Owe You” note. For this reason we have created a new program called Family Choice Payment Plan which allows funeral homes to offer an at-need payment program to the families they serve. This program will give you the opportunity to help meet family’s needs in a dignified way without becoming their bank.

Along with our Family Choice Payment Plan we are also offering other options to help you with your cash needs. Have you ever received a “bad check”? With our new Check Verification System you will be able to know if a check is “good” or “bad” immediately and receive your funds within 24 to 48 hours without those pesky bank holds. Beyond the two new services above, we now offer Credit Card Processing at a low rate. Compare fees and I guarantee we can save you money on your credit card processing.

On top of these new features we also present our Working Capital Cash Advance Program.  If you are seeking revenue for your firm for things including expansions, renovations, payroll, etc., we can assist you. We are well known for our ability to provide excellent Insurance Assignment Funding

. We are now proud to offer these new products under our umbrella. This makes American Funeral Financial your “Total Cash Solution” for all of your financial needs!


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