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Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Whether it's insurance verification, help with debt collection or contract verification, American Funeral Financial - the funeral funding experts can help!





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Contract Verification

Integrity, deliverability and ethics are fundamental in the sale of preneed funeral products and services.  Whether the sale is for funeral products and services or those offered by a cemetery or crematory, the validity of what's sold and the customer sold to is important when working to maintain the trust of your customer base and community at large.

“When a family is preplanning a funeral, there are so many things for them to consider and choices to make,” said Shaun Myers, CFSP, a member of NFDA’s (National Funeral Directors Association) Executive Board and chair of its Preneed With IntegrityTM Work Group. “Even though we do our best to try and make the process clear and easy to understand, we can do better. Anything we can do to simplify the preplanning process and be more transparent is beneficial to families.”

As professionals in the industry, it is incumbent that we make sure that contracts written by our sales associates accurately reflect what the customer has purchased.  Likewise, we need to make sure that what has been written reflects a verifiable customer. 

American Funeral Financial - the funeral funding experts - provides professional contract verification services.  We work to ensure the following:

  • We verify that contracts written for pre-need funeral / cemetery goods and/or services are written on behalf of legitimate parties.  There should be no issue or concern that a contract turned in for processing is bogus.
  • We can verify contract terms and conditions are in accordance with standards and terms that your firm sets.  Making sure that what is sold is what you offer is a critical part of insuring trust and compliance.
  • Finally, we provide verification services comparing pre-need contract amounts to approved statements of goods and services and/or approved price lists.

Your successful funeral home or cemetery operation requires careful attention to detail.  American Funeral Financial - the funeral funding experts provides expert tools to enhance your service to families, and provide you ways to operate more profitably while maintaining compliance with laws and regulations. 

Call us today for more information about our Compliance Services.  American Funeral Financial - the funeral funding experts.

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